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Tri-County History! 

The Tri-County Sportsmen's Motorcycle Club was formed in 1964 when a bunch of guys who raced together decided to get serious about enduro riding.  Headquartered in Port Elizabeth, NJ TCSMC has enjoyed a long history of success.  Several generations of 'Team Hammer' have dominated the East Coast Enduro Association - Names like Tomlin, Lafferty, Lafferty, Bennett, and Lafferty have always been a dominant force.

TCSMC, Primarily an Enduro Club, promotes several events each year; the Greenbriar Enduro, a Hare Scramble event, and a Dual Sport ride.  All of the money generated from these events goes to local charities like the little league, the Fire and Rescue companies and to charitable funds like the Camp Susquonok fund as well as the Red Cross.

Meetings are held in Port Elizabeth, NJ and the Tri-County Sportsmen's Motorcycle Club welcomes new members.

For membership info, email to hammerhead@teamhammer.org

2007 Enduro Champion and Tri County Sportsmen rider Michael Bradway

10 time East Coast Enduro Champion

 and Tri County Sportsmen rider

 Jack Lafferty Jr. tackles the Sluice at the Delaware Enduro


East Coast Enduro Champions

2016 Jarrett Mohn   

2015 Jeffrey Pasqua

2014 Kyle McDonal TCS

2013 Jeffrey Pasqua

2012 Jeff Melik

2011 Jeffrey Pasqua

2010 Andrew DeLong

2009  Richard Lafferty

2008  Jack Lafferty Jr. TCS (10)

2007   Michael Bradway  TCS
2006   Dale Sweigart
2005   Richard Lafferty
2004   Richard Lafferty
2003   Fred Hoess
2002   Aaron Kopp
2001   Aaron Kopp
2000   Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (9)
1999    Bill Atkinson
1998    Fred Hoess
1997    Fred Hoess
1996    Mark Spence
1995    Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (8)
1994    Mike Lafferty  TCS
1993    Mike Lafferty  TCS
1992    Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (7)
1991    Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (6)
1990    Kevin Bennett   TCS
1989    Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (5)
1988    Kevin Bennett  TCS
1987    Kevin Bennett  TCS
1986    Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (4)
1985    Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (3)
1984    Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (2)
1983    Jack Lafferty Jr  TCS (1)

1982    Bill Glenn

1981    Bruce Kenney

1980    Billy Harris

1979    Billy Harris

1978    Billy Harris

1977    Howard Tomlin

1976    Billy Harris

1975    Howard Tomlin

1974    Howard Tomlin

1973    Alfie Hendricks

1972    Dave Meade

1971    Charlie Stapleford

1970    Charlie Stapleford

1969    Charlie Stapleford

1968    Charlie Stapleford

1967    Charlie Stapleford

1966    Charlie Stapleford


TCS= Tri County Sportsmen club rider

Past T.C.S.M.C. East Coast Hare Scramble Champions

1996    Richard Lafferty
1994    Mike Lafferty
1993    Mike Lafferty



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