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Copyright   Tri County Sportsmen 1964-2020. All Rights Reserved.


Copyright   Tri County Sportsmen Motorcycle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 146

 Port Elizabeth, NJ 08348 1964-2020. All Rights Reserved.


Tri County Sportsmen, the AMA Recreational Off Road Organizer of the year presents:

The Hammer Run Dual Sport


Eldin Polhamus Club President (right) says a few words at the AMA award ceremony with AMA Director of Racing Joe Bromley.


Tri County Sportsmen has won the coveted

Recreational Off Road Organizer Of The Year

for two consecutive years. Our Dual Sport is the largest AMA attended dual sport in the country.


2018 Dual Sport

11/3 and 11/4/18

AMA Beta National Dual Sport


click on this flyer and read it over carefully


flyer coming soon


mileages 2017 dual sport:

Saturday 86 miles

30 miles to 1st gas

36 to next gas

20 miles to finish


Sunday 84 miles

38 miles to 1st gas

26 miles next gas

20 miles to finish


This Dual Sport Fun Ride Eco Tour is not a race, please observe all speed limits. Fast enduro type trails are included where appropriate.


Don't Ruin The Ride


This year is not registered as an AMA Adventure ride, dual sport size bikes are most appropriate.



AMA membership required

Please use our link below to renew or sign up for AMA

new or renewals of AMA click here

$49 per year, but AMA does offer a $20 'One Event Only' option


Local Hotels offer flyer


Distance between gas stops to be released. Usually you need to go at least 40 to 50 miles between gas stops.


see what it was like to ride the legendary

Hammer Run:

Tri County Dual Sport

documentary adventure film


Hammer Run Documentary


Joe Bromley AMA interview


AMA membership required

Please use our link below to renew or sign up for AMA

new or renewals of AMA click here



please read over the flyer carefully

location and gps coordinates (p2) are on there


Please do not use your gps on the trails. stay on the trail for problems, sweep crew are in all sections to help you

gps can create dangerous trail crossing situations

no cameras or video equipment please


For the privacy of our landowners,

 GPS units, unauthorized photography, and video equipment

are not permitted on event trails.


only cash accepted at the window on the morning of the event.  Checks are ok for mail-ins.


2 riders meetings:

8am and 9am both days

riders released to start after each meeting


please check and service your motorcycle

before entering this event.


Please pay attention to the display board to see what arrows we use for the event. One year someone followed poker run arrows that looked very different from ours.

Please use a route sheet and scroll chart holder.


watch for various raffle tickets for giveaways at the signup tables


Come out for a great time,

Bonfire and a band Saturday night,

giveaways and great food.

 (no campfires please)


Fuel: you will typically need to go 50 miles between gas stations. Please fill your tank at each gas opportunity


AMA Dual Sport on Facebook


club info hotline 1-855-870-6698


All properties for our events:

The Tri County Sportsmen Motorcycle Club, Inc. has worked very hard and gone through considerable expense to secure insurance, permits and permissions from local landowners, the county, private businesses and several State and Federal agencies. 


The use of this land is permitted

for this event only.

DO NOT come back and ride on

any of this property.

For the privacy of our landowners,

 GPS units and video equipment are not

permitted on event trails.

No R/C plane flying or aerial drones.

For your safety, riders are to leave the course only when

 directed or escorted by a course worker.


Years of cultivating relationships, community stewardship, donating to local charities and lots of good neighbor stuff has yielded opportunities that we sincerely appreciate from our landowners.  All Tri County Motorcycle club members are authorized to seek prosecution and bear witness in court to illegal trespassers that violate this trust.


Trespassers jeopardize the use of land for future events and can be severely fined and their vehicles impounded. Violators may run the risk of damaging plant communities otherwise protected during special events, wildlife damage can be an expensive ticket along with restoration costs.

Any violators will be prohibited from riding any future events, Don't Take that Chance.



Joining an East Coast Enduro club can provide riding opportunities:



problems or questions